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How can I afford a baby? Are there emergency financial resources for pregnancy? After staring at a positive pregnancy test, you probably want to sob like a damsel in distress in fairy tales. You may be considering an abortion to close this chapter in your life. Babies are expensive, but the story of your unplanned pregnancy does not have to end here. You can keep your baby and stay afloat financially by connecting with these 3 resources.

The staff at Radiance Women's Clinic are your fairy godmothers. We listen with empathy, then wave a magic wand to meet your needs. One mom never had to buy diapers thanks to her local PRC. She saved thousands of dollars! We help with free baby supplies, like clothes up to age 2 (or 5) years of age.

Have you ever googled for pregnancy financial help and come up empty?


Client advocates are connected to local resources that might not have a strong presence on Google. Staff can help connect you with free community resources.

For example, we can REFER YOU TO A FREE CLINIC for ultrasounds and STI testing.


Plus, one PRC points people where to get free FRESH food, to liven up shelf-stable food pantry items.

Free food and supplies can ease your financial strain.

Free budgeting classes at Radiance Women's Clinic can also help you cut hidden costs. Get budgeting tips tailored to your situation.

One time, a couple did not even have a bank account, so a client advocate guided them through the process of opening one.

Grow your

support system


and stretch your dollars!


2. Government Assistance for Pregnant Women

OK this is more than one resource. Think of these programs as your magical talking animal sidekicks. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS,) TANF and other “alphabet soup” departments help low income individuals afford basic necessities like food, health insurance, housing and more.

Let's start with food.

Both SNAP and WIC help you afford groceries. Once you’re connected to SNAP, you can use your EBT card to shop on Amazon! No membership required. But if you want a discounted Prime membership, EBT qualifies you for that, too.

If you are pregnant and lack health insurance, you probably qualify for Medicaid. Make sure you count your unborn baby as a member of your household on the application. Bigger households raise the income limit, so it can help to get a free ultrasound to check for twins or triplets. PRCs can refer you for a free ultrasound.

Often, women say “I need to get a job interview early before I start showing.” You cannot be discriminated against in job interviews. (Employers are not allowed to ask if you are pregnant.) You cannot be fired for being pregnant. Depending on the department, they may have work programs you can do while pregnant. Some programs help with transportation to jobs.

Programs will cover, or partially cover, child care costs, saving you money. (Get started early. Top rated child care facilities have long waitlists.)

If you’re not sure where to start,

talk to us at Radiance Women's Clinic about which agencies serve your needs.

United Way advances the common good through health, education and financial stability. They keep current lists of local charities and services for your needs. It’s basically a genie in a bottle.

The fastest way to access this network is to call their partner, 2-1-1 (24/7) or go online. 211 can help with financial assistance. They can point you to transportation assistance, including basic car repair, bus pass help, and sometimes fuel cards.

Find your local United Way.

You are not limited to these three financial resources for pregnancy! There are many more charities and churches who serve single moms and women with unplanned pregnancies. But your local PRC is first on the list for a reason. Be the hero in your own story, and find your happily ever after.

Confidential support


in a judgement-free zone