Pregnancy Testing

If you have missed a period and think you might be pregnant, we can provide a free pregnancy test and statement of pregnancy test results, if requested. Some common symptoms of pregnancy include a delayed or missed period, fatigue and tiredness, nausea and appetite change, headaches, and frequent urination.

Here are 12 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms to Look For.


You will first need to schedule a pregnancy test appointment in our facility. If your test is positive, we’ll evaluate your eligibility for this service at Radiance Women’s Center. We can also provide information on how to obtain a low-cost ultrasound at a diagnostic facility.

If an ultrasound is performed at Radiance Women’s Center, it is limited and not for the purpose of diagnosing or detecting any medical problem or condition for you or your unborn baby. All clients are provided referrals to medical providers for prenatal care and diagnostic services.

Verification of Pregnancy

If you need to apply for Pregnancy Medicaid in the state of Texas, you will need to verify your pregnancy. A Statement of Pregnancy Test Results is a letter Radiance Women’s Center uses to show proof of a positive pregnancy test. The form details the date the test was performed, the results of the test, and the estimated due date.